enrichment ideas

The books I like best are the ones I ponder, discuss, and share with friends. I’d like Viking to be that sort of book for you. Here are some suggestions to enrich your reading experience:

1. Invite me (or one of my characters) to your book group.

I’d be happy to join your book group by chat or skype for a few minutes. This is your chance to ask me what I intended, why I put something in or left it out, or what the writing experience was like. Or, for a truly unique experience, why not engage directly with Rafa or Julie or even 1291? All of them tell me they are happy to answer emails or even chat in real-time with readers. I’ll bet you’ve never been in a virtual hang-out with an alien before… :-)

If this sounds interesting, drop me a line using the form on the Contact page.

2. Share your own fiction or artwork in the Viking universe.

I’d love to see what your imagination does with the milieu of the book. If it’s of general interest, I’ll post it in a gallery here on the website. Submit via the Contact page.

3. Review the suggested discussion questions.

4. Submit your own favorite quote on the quotes page.

5. View the finalists in the cover design contest from which the cover was selected.

Which one do you like best? Do any of them make you feel differently about the book?

6. Review the author notes for Viking.

7. Answer my reader survey.


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