Cordimancy now available

Cordimancy is now officially available on the Kindle and in print via Amazon or at bricks-and-mortar stores (search for ISBN 1519219911).


I would be most grateful for positive reviews on Amazon, word of mouth mentions, buzz on Facebook and GoodReads, etc–especially in the first day or two that these titles are listed. And my offer remains open of a free book to anybody who chooses Cordimancy for their book club or who donates $25+ to a charity such as Operation Underground Railroad or Free the Slaves.

Make sure you check out all the extras here on the website (see “Cordimancy” in the site menu).

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december afternoon, ten thousand feet

hazed by snow, sun slips
t’ward skyline; aspens stand, hail—
still, chill sentinels

My wife and I went high into the mountains on a getaway for our anniversary. Above Strawberry Reservoir, on one of the shortest days of the year, the winter light faded early. Even before the sun set, it was diminished by layer upon layer of cloud and ice droplets.

Once we turned off the snowmobile engine and just breathed, the quiet was intoxicating.

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for Ethan, Lauren, Maia, Caleb, Sean, Dylan, and Genevieve

image credit: yannajenn (Flickr)

This past spring, we had a nest of finches beneath the eaves over our front porch. There was a single day when the baby birds looked almost exactly like this. The next day the nest was empty. Image credit: yannajenn (Flickr)

Yesterday just gaping jaws,
Cheeping feebly, pink blind heads…
Now tufts sprout over each bright eye,
Fluffed sepia wings overflow the nest.

The ground’s so far, my brave wee birds.
Rock won’t give like down or flesh.
There’s time enough to leap and soar,
Today, stay here and grow and rest.

With dawn you’ll perch and lift your wings.
Stretch muscle, feather, meet the wind.
And swell the song you’re born to sing
And dart and dazzle, earth unpinned.

But dirt’s so hard, my sweet, young birds.
Storm clouds soak the proudest crest.
There’s time enough to leap and soar,
Today, stay here and grow and rest.

Tomorrow, not today, sweet birds.
Tomorrow you can flit so free.
But here and now, enjoy the warmth–
Let your heart beat next to me.

The world is dazzling, fresh and wide,
But also hungry, fierce, and wet.
I know you need to leave, to fly,
But I could teach you so much, yet.

The dew and dapple beckon, yes–
But snow’s no friend, and night’s too long.
And solo ends can cruelly jest,
So I’ll enfold you with my song.

While I have you in the nest,
I’ll love you, swear to soon set free.
Oh, here and now, enjoy the warmth–
Let your heart beat next to me.

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