photo gallery

Here are some photos that I use to seed my imagination about Viking.

Rafa? Photo credit: confidence, comely (Flickr)

Julie? Photo credit: Sean Molin Photography (Flickr)

Abbott? Photo credit: quinet (Flickr)

Chen? Photo credit: hinnamsaisuy (Flickr)

Heward? Photo credit: Muscle Dominator (Flickr)

Oristano? Photo credit: Grantuking (Flickr)

Geire? Photo credit: Sam Beebe, Ecotrust (Flickr)

Wisconsin farm belonging to Julie’s parents? Photo credit: jspad (Flickr)

Savannah where stampede nearly kills Rafa? Photo credit: pam’s pics- (Flickr)

Swamp where Rafa crashes? Photo credit: MikeLove (Flickr)

Where Rafa stumbles onto beach? Photo credit: loop_oh (Flickr)

Where Rafa finds the arch? Photo credit: Anosmia (Flickr)

Where Julie meets Rafa? Photo credit: Axion23 (Flickr)


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