Naive newlyweds set out to rescue orphans from the world’s greatest sorcerer. Do they have enough love, grit, and trust to survive?

Cordimancy is available on the Kindle ( and in print via Amazon ( or any bricks-and-mortar bookstore (you may need to special order using ISBN 1519219911).


Toril and Malena barely complete wedding vows before their future crumbles. War ignites the borderlands; conspiracy stalks the young clan chief. Attackers raze their town, assaulting Malena and leaving her near death. Whoever commissioned the violence kidnaps dozens of children, with plans to sacrifice them in taboo acts of blood magic.

Legend says an ordeal might give the couple power to fight back–but its price is as mythic as its potency… Can they battle real and inner demons, sacrifice prized dreams, trust each other, and tap the greatest magic of all in their quest to put things right?