photo gallery

Here are some photos that I use to seed my imagination about Cordimancy.

Malena? Image credit: AIDSVaccine (Flickr)

Toril? Image credit: World Bank Photo Collection (Flickr)

Shivi? Image credit: Anwar.Shamim (Flickr)

Paka? Image credit: fanz (Flickr)

Kinora? Image credit: mctrent (Flickr)

Oji? Image credit: World Bank Photo Collection (Flickr)

Oji? Image credit: World Bank Photo Collection (Flickr)

Gorumim? Image credit: Neil. Moralee (Flickr)

Hika? Image credit: see like click (Flickr)

Hasha? Image credit: Dey (Flickr)

Tupa? Image credit: World Bank Photo Collection (Flickr)


A forest path similar to the one leading to Two Forks (Thangaraj Kumaravel, Flickr)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday Season!!

The pishacha ride a wild boar like this (Mariomassone, Wikimedia Commons)


A palace like the one belonging to the raja in Kikal Pilar (raghavvidya, Flickr)

The Palace of Mysore

The inner courtyard of the durga at Noemi might look a bit like this, although I picture it smaller. (Aleksandr Zykov, Flickr):


Looking from Kelun holdings down into something a bit lower, like maybe Umara or Bakar (-AX-, Flickr):


Lands closer to Kikal Pilar, where the river slows and widens (Rikkimaheshwari, Wikimedia Commons):