Cordimancy-front-coverThere are at least four ways you can get a free signed copy of Cordimancy:

  1. Make a donation of $25 or more to Operation Underground Railroad or Free the Slaves–two charities that help victimized and vulnerable children like the ones described in this book.
  2. Pick Cordimancy for your book group. I’ll give you one free copy of the book to start you off, and I’ll even come to your discussion, or skype, or answer questions for you, if you like and if my schedule permits. (Check out other enrichment ideas for a book group on this site, BTW.)
  3. Write and post a positive review of the book to Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Google Play, the iBook store, etc. (Backlinking to this website for extra goodies is good for me and may also make your review more useful.)
  4. You may also want to register for the separate giveaway on goodreads.

For methods 1-3, to claim your book, just fill out the form below. (If you’re outside North America, I may ask you to pay postage; we’ll see how expensive it gets.)