Not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father

IMG_6097I was sitting in the kitchen this morning when I heard a thud and glimpsed an explosion of feathers at the patio window. This beautiful little bird had flown head-on into the glass. It twitched for a few seconds and then lay still.

Jesus said that no bird would fall to the ground without God’s sorrow. Such an interesting–and poignant–glimpse into the divine nature! I had never appreciated it until this morning.


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stone spiderwebs

did prehistoric
spiders scuttle through the sand,
cast webs dried to stone?

Southern Utah has some of the most beautiful sandstone formations anywhere. I’m sure a geologist could give a better explanation of the seams and cracks in this rock—perhaps mud dried, compressed, cracked, and then had seepage with different minerals—but spiders grabbed my imagination first. :-)

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double coat

topcoat, tawny bush,
thins to gray grass gaps beneath–
meadow’s vernal fur

I was driving through Logan canyon west of Bear Lake, Utah, in late April, when I spotted a clearing beside the river. The bushes and the grass beneath them both looked furry to me, and the contrast in size and texture reminded me of how some animals grow a double coat each winter, then shed it in the spring.

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