a screech of gulls

grounded, wings tucked, still,
mute gulls outwait the drizzle–
wet friends on a plank.

I was walking past the marina just north of the Exploratorium in San Francisco in late December, 2012. I noticed that one of the docks was dotted with birds trying hard to ignore the drizzle. A bunch of gulls is called a “screech,” but this one wasn’t screeching much. I thought it made a nice shot with the black and white pillars, the texture on the water, and the boats and trees in the background. The Golden Gate Bridge is hidden by the red-roofed building in the background.

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About Daniel Hardman

Software architect and tech blogger: http://codecraft.co ~ Author of fiction, poetry, sci-fi, fantasy: http://sivanea.com ~ Twitter: @dhh1128 ~ GitHub @dhh1128
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