Built a Shelfari page

It’s been a fun learning experience to publish a book with CreateSpace and Amazon. The CreateSpace process is a bit more demanding, because they print physical books; there are more sales channels and pricing decisions to make, more proofing steps to complete, and so forth. Amazon picks up CreateSpace books automatically, although there’s a 5-7 day lag. You can choose to convert your print version to Kindle format on CreateSpace, but I didn’t like the html that got generated from the .docx file I was using for my interior on CreateSpace, so I worked with raw html and kdp.amazon.com directly.

When you publish on Kindle, you can add extras about your book using shelfari.com. I spent an hour or two and added my favorite quotes from Viking, some notes about themes and motifs, and a quick description of main characters. I think the result makes the book more discussable and interesting. See what you think:



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